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Broad Acres Farm 1922 Barn and good dog Saddie

Broad Acres Farm was originally started as William and Estella Adair Farm built in 1922 as a 115 acre dairy farm in Carnation, Washington. Purchased in year 2000, Joseph and Diana Hayes converted this retiring Dairy into a multi-use farm which offers horse boarding, produces flowers and vegetables for the Pike Street Market, and provides farm to table opportunities for local consumers.

We specialize in raising free range grass feed Wagyu beef on our organically managed farm. We believe in running a small closed herd operation, where each cow is born and bred here at our farm. We personally walk out and talk to our cows, and provide personal care and attention to each one. We ensure humane slaughter with our partners Del Fox Meats

Our 2024 Butcher Dates

A few photos from our farm..

Large Wagyu Steer in tall grass Cathy raking hay Happy horse Lovely evening

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